Book #26 The Tree of Man

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I have long put off reading Patrick White. I had heard that his books were hard to read and impenetrable. As I had attempted to read James Joyce at one stage and gave up I thought PW would be in a similar vein.
I watched the recent movie of The Eye of the Storm and really enjoyed it so I thought I would give him a go!
And I loved it! The Tree of Man. I got it from the library and ended up getting my own copy. A wonderful story about a man Stan Parker who selects his own property and lives his life. PW develops his characters extremely well and looks at the relationships people have in their families and with their neighbours. Set in the early 1900s it is the story of how my grandparents would have lived their lives. Fascinating stuff.



Book #25 Running Dogs

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Set in Indonesia. A wealthy corrupt family with 3 children mixed with an old Australian school friend. Covers the relationship between the 3 siblings and the girl and the discovery of past transgressions and political intrigues.


Written by Ruby Murray

I keep forgetting to include the other books I read. Here are 2 about my wonderful ladies. We now have 12. Five were unexpected arrivals! We have 2 Wellsummers, 1 Polish, 1 Wyandotte, 2 Silky hens, 1 Silky rooster (who is remarkedly well behaved and very handsome except for a disturbing growth on his head) and 5 Silky chicks. All in the Chook Mahal!



A non fiction book covering the flight of the Russian aristocracy from Russian when things went bad.


Book #21 inside Australia

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Anthony Gormley made sculptures of local people of Menzies in West Australia – their inner essence and installed them in Lake Ballard, a local salt lake. Wonderful, eerie and evocative. I want to go see.



I found this novel really hard to engage with. I couldn’t find the characters. I think I will try again another time.


A story about a old woman who looks back at her life, her children, her friends, her marriage. She sees that sometimes the way she saw events may not be the way they were. An understanding about the way we can delude ourselves and see what we want to see but there are a multitude of ways we might have seen.

Rosalie Ham writes this wonderful line, the wife recollects something her husband said to her ‘I thought I might find a pearl if I cracked your shell, Margery, but all I found was the oyster.’

But Margery really was a pearl.

I love this book, it is simple, draws you into Margery’s life and has wonderful insights into family life.